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Chief Executive Officer
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Spiro Paule

Spiro began his career in the Financial Services industry working as an Adviser with Legal and General UK Financial Services Firm. After graduating with a Bachelor of Jurisprudence from Monash University, Spiro also obtained a Diploma from the Australian Insurance Institute to further compliment his qualifications.

In 1984, Spiro interrupted his advisory career to pursue three years of corporate management experience with Aetna. He performed a number of state and regional management roles, preparing him for what would become a future managing people and businesses.

By 1987, Spiro had decided to resume his advisory career, going into business with brother Terry Paule. With a desire to provide their clients with an ‘Index of financial services under the one roof’, the Findex business was born. This vision would, in time, see all financial services procured in the one place to more efficiently help clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

Today, Spiro is Findex’s Chief Executive Officer, whilst also sitting on its board in an Executive Director role.

As CEO, Spiro is responsible for the achievement of Findex’s board set goals and is instrumental in:

  • Providing leadership and business direction relevant to the Findex core ideology, key behaviours and long term goals
  • Directing the development of business standards and procedures to be implemented across the group
  • Overseeing the development of innovative technologies within the business for future enhancement of the group’s business model
  • Management of all Findex budgets including monitoring revenue and expenditure as well as providing detailed reporting to the Board

In addition to his roles as CEO and Executive Director, Spiro finds time to partake as a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (FAIM).