Portfolio Management

Investing with confidence

The Prescott Securities investment approach combines a robust investment philosophy and framework with quality advisers, expert research and investment personnel and strong supporting technology and systems. Importantly, we will take the time to understand your circumstances and priorities and work collaboratively with you to identify your financial goals.

A long-term approach to financial affairs

Our clients have long-term objectives to build and preserve wealth. As a result, many of the financial strategies we implement have been developed with a long-term view.

In an ever-evolving market environment, the team at Prescott Securities relies on proven investment fundamentals which have the ability to endure changing economic circumstances. We believe in diversification across a range of asset classes, and also within each market.

Investment governance framework

As part of Findex, we are pleased to provide our clients with access to a highly skilled and experienced Investment Committee comprising of industry leading experts and external members who take a part in setting the investment policy for the whole group. Our Investment Committee approves investments and asset allocation across the group.

Included in the Committee are two incredibly experienced and successful external members being Mr Chris Condon (former CIO of MLC - $60B FUA) and Mr Emmanuel Calligeris (former CIO of Optimix - $13B FUA). Both of these industry veterans have over 25 years of experience in investment markets, in a variety of roles.

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Our philosophy is a commitment to protecting real wealth - that is, ensuring advice delivers returns above inflation in the long-term.

Entrenched compliance, risk awareness and management culture

The foundation on which our process is built is to protect clients’ existing funds against permanent loss as a first priority. Our second priority is preservation of the buying power of client funds – that is, protecting your investments against the impact of inflation. Then, and only then, our aim becomes carefully building and growing quality investment portfolios within a sensible risk management framework.

Our professional promise

We take the position that one of the foundation roles of an adviser is to protect clients’ assets. By understanding and managing risk, we give primacy to avoiding permanent financial loss. Our approach to investing commences conservatively – focusing first on preserving wealth and ensuring portfolios can fund necessary income and capital requirements when required – whether that be now or in the future.